GIF vs Jif: Peanut butter maker wants to end the pronunciation debate

Start spreading peanut butter — the news Jif is currently placing a technician controversy. J.M. Smucker, the manufacturers of the favorite peanut butter, are utilizing a marketing campaign to set up the right pronunciations of Jif and GIF.

GIFs are among the most well-known features on networking platforms. Graphics interchange formats (GIFs), that have been introduced into the world by Compuserve in 1987 are pictures or looped videos utilized to incorporate comedy and personality to everyday online connections.

Commonly utilized on Facebook or about instant messaging solutions, GIFs are a staple of daily life, similar to peanut butter. GIPHY is a GIF search engine which enables people to discuss and hunt GIFs. The business provides over 7 billion GIFs daily and contains over 500 million per day busy users, who watch at 11 million hours of GIFs daily.

GIF vs. Jif

While using GIFs has been worldwide, the majority of animations and these images hasn’t. For over five decades, the people has argued over how to announce GIF.

A lot of men and women consult with GIFs in precisely the exact same manner they state Jif, utilizing a “soft G,” according to a media release.

The peanut butter manufacturer is establishing, nevertheless, this buttery pronunciation is simply reserved for Jif; GIF is stated employing a “difficult G.”

“If you have ever known as a .GIF that a Jif®, we forgive you,” the newest mentioned in the release. However, to make the point GIPHY and Jif are currently releasing a special edition.

“With the increasing popularity of GIFs which most of us use everyday, we felt now was the ideal time to clear something up that’s been a worldwide stage of confusion and disagreement for decades,” explained Christine Hoffman, customer participation group direct at Jif.

The peanut butter, currently available for below $10 on Amazon, includes the timeless Jif jar and emblem, but the Jif title is substituted by Gif.

To reinforce the Jif versus GIF discussion, GIPHY produced a package of .gif documents to commemorate the event.

GIF software

The pictures may be helpful on the company side while GIFs are paired with programs, instead of jelly.

The use instance, GIFs are enjoyable, especially if pronounced the manner that is suitable.

“In GIPHY we all know there is just one Jif and it is peanut butter. If you’re searching for all of the GIFs, there is just 1 GIPHY,” explained Alex Chung, creator and CEO of GIPHY, at a media release. “If you are a tender G, please see We understand you are right if you are a boiled, thank you. If you enjoy your Gs soft or hard, let us share some interesting and allow peanut butter combine us saying GIF and ingesting Jif.”


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