Free tech stack builder helps businesses navigate open source solutions

The OpenLogic Stack Builder utilizes questions toward embracing open source technology to steer companies.

On Wednesday, Perforce Software published a free technology pile builder for associations contemplating open source alternatives. Through guidance from business specialists and queries, businesses get source implementation hints that are personalized.

Starting in order for the internet public to focus on software projects collectively, open source has become a favorite mode of cooperation for associations, letting workers to easily change and discuss jobs .

Yet, determining which source tools that are open to utilize could be daunting as businesses turn to open source.

“With tens of thousands of open source technology available, associations require advice on which resources will use their current infrastructure and program pile,” said Tim Russell, chief product officer in Perforce, at a press launch.

The Way Stack Builder functions

Stack Builder’s objective will be to help organizations become familiar with requirements related to open source packages, which bundles to start deploying the technology, and also will operate efficiently.

Step 1: Email

Put in your email. Users enter a valid email address to start constructing your tech stack.

Step 2: Construct your heap

Together with the builder that is interactive, users answer a few multiple-choice questions according to what they want from a stack. Depending on the replies, the tool indicates more or one open source technology which will fit these requirements.

When the technologies have been chosen, users can find out more about them at a report that is free.

Measure 3: Access your own free report

According to your choices, Stack Builder generates a report that gives information on the source technology that are given. It offers recommendations for every coating info on the reason why they may work for guidance for automation and implementation, and user’s functions.


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