While companies say they confront challenges finding skilled employees, according to the staffing company LaSalle Network tech experts want opportunities for expansion and a equilibrium. The businesses which employ them, and Tech professionals have their own requirements, goals, and challenges. Employees face the question of if they research opportunities elsewhere […]

The Android 11 programmer preview has been published. Find out more about the standout features to the Google platform in this update. It looks like Android 10 simply hit the freedom airwaves. However, as is Google’s wont, Android is moving ahead. The programmer preview of Android 11 premiered, also it […]

Maybe you call it a bubble. Maybe you call it a silo. Maybe you just call it an echo chamber. But whatever metaphorical, narrow and enclosed space you prefer, there’s a good chance you’ve been told that one of the great social problems of our time is Americans getting their political news from biased sources. Conservatives watch Fox News. Liberals watch MSNBC. The news tells us what we already believe and distorts reality around partisan talking points.

Because very few national polls were released after Iowa, we’ve been eagerly awaiting Monmouth University’s latest national poll even as ballots are cast in New Hampshire. That data has now been incorporated into the model, and with just a few hours until the first polling places close, we’ve frozen the forecast — candidates’ odds won’t update and no new information will be added until after New Hampshire results are available.

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