Android 11: The six best features

The Android 11 programmer preview has been published. Find out more about the standout features to the Google platform in this update.

It looks like Android 10 simply hit the freedom airwaves. However, as is Google’s wont, Android is moving ahead. The programmer preview of Android 11 premiered, also it features interesting features that might or might not make it into the last edition.

This Android 11 release is intended for programmers, so don’t bother hunting out it and installing it in your own apparatus.

Android 11 features

Scheduled dark motif

I will confess I am not fond of this dark motif on Android. But this has its draw on the characteristic, or nothing to do with this stage –I don’t take care of this look’s contrast. I also seldom use my Android apparatus. My Kindle remains in manner the majority of the moment, so that I know this feature’s allure.

Android 11 is reported to have the capability to schedule if your apparatus changes to mode. You may specify a custom time or possess change between light and dark manner based on occasions on your time zone.

Chat Head bubbles are back

Many Android users have utilized the Chat Head bubbles located in Facebook’s Messenger program. Hardcore Android users have understood about the potential of a feature creeping its way which time has come.

To rollout, the bubbles attribute will make its way Together with Android 11. Google has advised programmers to begin using the API, therefore programs should be using this tool once Android 11 ships.

I am hoping that our Android screens are not inundated with pockets. If this is the case, hopefully, they will be readily “popped.”

One-time permission

In the pursuit to perfect Android privacy and safety of Google, the organization is going to launch a new alternative in the approval system of the platform. In Android 10, you have the choice to give two permissions for place accessibility to a program: While Utilizing Deny or The Program. A permission that is new will look This Time.

To put it differently, users will have the ability to give an program consent to utilize place accessibility. There is no sign whether it is a option, so you may need to reinstall the program to provide place accessibility to it, or if this consent petition will occur each single time you start the program.

Regardless of how the characteristic pops upward we all know Google is currently working to enhance privacy and the security of the system.

Display recording

To be able to capture screen files on Android, I have needed to use a third-party tool such as AZ Screen Recorder; together with the launch of Android 11, this program might no longer be mandatory.

This display feature appeared in one of those Android 10 assembles, but quickly vanished –there is no way to know whether it will pull the exact same action off. This time the programmers will leave the attribute in, so users can shoot screen captures of the apparatus.

Motion Sense gesture

This attribute is only going to be at the start, at least around the lineup of apparatus. The feature permits you to pause/play using a Motion Sense gesture. So while listening to songs, you may gesture with your apparatus or play with the song that is present. If you have to pause your songs into converse with an authentic 18, this will be useful.

Chat Menu pinning


I have a tendency to talk utilizing a program that are select, and the Chat Menu infrequently shows the mixture of shares. For example, once I discuss Contact A, I use Program Nonetheless, that the Android Chat Menu not fails to demonstrate Contact A using App C. Along with the program I often share to is Google Drive, although Google Drive is buried from the Chat Menu until I talk about with the program in question the very first time daily. It may get buried.

Using Android 11, you will finally have the ability to pin shortcuts and programs. This feature appeared construct cycle but not made it. This time about the characteristic will remain.

The launch date of android 11

As of this moment, there’s not any launch date for Android 11. The developer preview for Android 11 premiered a month before than it had been for Android 10, therefore it may be easy to assume Android 11 may be published. Does that imply that the Android 11 beta app? Though I forecast Android 11 will probably be published in September 2020, I really don’t understand. And, that will hit apparatus and then roll out to additional apparatus, like you have come to expect. Consequently, if you would like first dibs it is time.


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